In 2005, I created with three friends the creative summer workshops called Mamori Art Lab in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest. Marcos Ruiz, Jordi Llorella and Asier Gogortza were my partners in this adventure. From 2005 to 2008, we organized 12 workshops bringing more than 90 people to the Mamori Lake area.

The workshops were directed by well-known professionals in the areas of photography, architecture, experimental music and product design, such as Roger Grasas, Marko Brajovic, Curro Claret, Martín Azúa, and Francisco López.

The aims of the workshops were: to offer a one-in-a-lifetime experience in a wild primitive environment where participants discovered the links between art and nature and developed their creative potential with very limited technological media and to promote the cultural exchange between the participants and the local people from Mamori Lake.

Participants interacted with one of the most sensational environments of our planet, from the respect and the admiration that the place deserves.

Floating cinema. Marko Brajovic workshop. 2006.

Floating cinema. Marko Brajovic workshop. 2006.

Boat lesson. Roger Grasas workshop. 2006.

Knitting with paper. Marko Brajovic workshop. 2005.

Relational grid. Marko Brajovic workshop. 2005.

Analysing leaves´curvature. Marko Brajovic workshop. 2005.

Analysing leaves. Marko Brajovic workshop. 2005.

Small enclosure. Marko Brajovic workshop. 2005.

Participants working. Francisco López workshop. 2005.

Mamori Sound project. Francisco López workshop. 2007.

Pinhole boat. Asier Gogortza workshop. 2008.

Pinhole boat. Asier Gogortza workshop. 2008.

Lecture. Curro Claret workshop. 2006.

Participants working. Curro Claret workshop. 2006.

The jungle in the retina. Curro Claret workshop. 2006.

Mamori Art Lab dock. Picture by Asier Gogortza.