Proposal for a pavilion in the ETH Zurich. Project developed during the MSc programme at the Architectural Association in London. With Jake Bek, Jeroen Janssen, Nikoletta Poulimeni, Brett Watkins and Pablo Zamorano.

The project´s ambition was to develop a method of manipulating the sheet material to maintain a structural logic and integrity by only using developable single curved surfaces. By opposing and connecting curved surfaces, stability was achieved.

The pavilion itself provides for a sequence of uses. First, the pavilion opens to the existing canteen. As users exit the canteen, they have a visual connection to the first interior table luring them towards the pavilion. As you progress further, the user arrives at the most enclosed area of the pavilion; seeking protection from the direct sun or rain. Lastly the pavilion opens towards, and connects the user to, the natural landscape. The structure wraps itself around an existing tree and utilizes the natural leafy canopy as sun shading.



Site plan

Forming process