Since 2017, Nacho is a Studio Master in First Year at the Architectural Association, introducing students to architectural design.

Term 1. Brief 1. Bank of Georgia. Chakhava & Jalaghania. Student: Teodora Boskovic

Term 1 Brief 1. 1111 Lincoln Rd. car park. Herzog & de Meuron. Student: Vasco Giovanonni.

Term 1 Brief 1. Kimbell Museum of Art. Louis Khan. Student: Sofia Lekander.

Term 1 Brief 1. Lazika Municipality. Architects of Invention. Student: Paula Martin Rivera

T1B1_Tectonics. Pavilions. 

T1B2. Other typologies. Shared spaces.

T2B2. Image engineering. 

T2B2. Image engineering.

T2B1. Spatial organisation and sequences

T1B1. Tectonics. Pavilions

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