Through a lecture course in the fourth year of the Environmental and Technical Studies at the Architectural Association, Nacho has researched material composites with unusual performances. The course introduces students to material performance and composites in architecture as a means to trigger new architectures and design methodologies.

Patinated copper and resin reinforced lycra. Students: Jocelyn Arnold & Iris Gramegna

Mylar reinforced silicon. Variable reflectivity and transparency. Students: Raphael Fogel and Natalie Eugenia

Piezoelectric titanium coated silicon latex and nitinol.

Shape changes through electric current. Students: Ryan Cook and Olimpia Pressuti

Thermochromic bioplastic reinforced with organic fibers

Students: Lo Zhi Loh & Thanas Apilikitsmai

Crystallised micro-fibre lattice. Students: Yuki Terado & Nicole Ng.

Bi+ tile. Thermochromic resin queer tiles. Students: Leticia Dadalto & Jane Ling

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